TV Club: Bates Motel: “Unbreak-Able”

Some days, your best intentions get you nowhere. And then some days, your best intentions lead you to make incredibly stupid choices, fueling an already unstable situation and sending it spiraling out of control. Norma and Dylan are trying to protect Norman, true, but this week it causes them to absolutely blow it in the intelligent decisions department. Once Norman confronts them about their shady behavior, the only reasonable thing to do would have been for them to confide in him, or at least to talk honestly about their concerns. Instead, they shut him out completely, with Norma just talking around him and Dylan straight up saying, “Stay the hell out of it.” Perhaps next time they could wave a red flag in front of his face, or maybe warn him not to think of polka-dotted elephants? Seriously, “Unbreak-Able” was chock-full of bad ideas on the part of the Bates …

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