TV Club: Bates Motel: “The Pit”

Norma Bates is still thinking like someone who’s expecting to get control of the situation. When she sees a big hole being dug in her front yard, she demands to see the plans. The hole is obviously too big, and she naturally wants to see the design, so that it can be fixed. She’s a fixer. When a problem appears, she tries to race ahead of it, as quickly as she can, to stave off any accidents. That’s why she wants the hole roped-off, as a warning sign preventing anyone from falling in. If she can just keep everything in its proper place, life can go on.

But some holes are just too big.

This week’s episode was a minor number, sharp and necessary but definitely a setting-the-table installment as the show kicks into the final arc of the season. It was clear, last week, that …

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