TV Club: Bates Motel: “The Last Supper”

Sometimes, the fleeting little moments of happiness in life actually happen, and we have a chance to recognize them as they’re occurring. It’s a rare treat when it happens: So much of our lives are dedicated to paying the bills, and taking care of problems, and running the thousand and one frustrating errands that seem to occupy all of our time. Occasionally, we get to relax; some of those moments are enjoyable, and we may even acknowledge them as being such. But to genuinely see a moment of joy for what it is, and know that you’ll savor it for years to come? Those are few and far between. Tonight, Norma Bates got to experience one of those moments. In fact, everyone in the extended Bates family (and I’m including Alex Romero, Emma Decody, and—with resignation—even Caleb) gets one of those moments, tonight.

Everyone …

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