TV Club: Bates Motel: “The Deal”

As it turns out, the “deal” of this episode’s title isn’t Norma Bates’ agreement with Bob Paris after all. It’s the deal that allows the Bates family to function, and at the end of tonight’s episode, that deal got tossed out the window. Norma is codependent, relying on the support of Norman to get through life. She needs his love, his support, and even when he’s furious at her, she can feel that it’s because he’s a teenager, not because he’s not on her side. But at her very own dinner table, her two sons very calmly and maturely explained that Caleb was back. Dylan apologized, and was heartfelt and straightforward; Norman was sensitive, supportive and mild. It was the Bates family at their finest.

And Norma Bates could. Not. Handle. It.

On one hand, her sense of betrayal is wholly understandable …

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