TV Club: Bates Motel: “Norma Louise”

Norma Bates can never stop moving. Even when she’s stable, and her relationship with her son is solid, she has to always be going, always pushing forward, sideways, anywhere but standing still. When Norma stands still, she has to confront herself, and she’s not equipped to do that. Her life has been a hard, painful slog, and when the going got tough, she moved on.

But not from Norman. Never from Norman, the one constant in her life, who has given her a sense of purpose and meaning. In “Norma Louise,” there’s a brief moment when Norma—overreacting as usual—feels like that bond might have broken, and it throws her into a tailspin. She tries to do what she always did in the past, but finds that dropping everything and trying to start over again just isn’t going to work this time. It all has …

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