TV Club: Bates Motel: “Crazy”

When the going gets tough, the tough look for comfort in other people, unless they’re Norma Louise Bates. Rather than reach out for help, Norma doubles down on herself, pulling away from anyone and everyone in a frantic bid to reassert control. Only, as Bob Paris is only too happy to inform her, she doesn’t have any more power. Romero has the flash drive, and her list of allies grows thin, especially after she once again makes decisions on behalf of Norman, against his wishes. All of these moves backfire on her, and she’s reduced to standing on top of the pile of dirt in her front yard, screaming, “Go to hell, you sons of bitches!” with the go-for-broke gusto that has always characterized the Bates matriarch. She may not make the right moves, but there’s a brave indomitableness to her struggle.

Which is why it …

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