TV Club: Bates Motel: “A Death In The Family”

Norman Bates is starting to look like Norman Bates. For two seasons, the show has been making hay of the fact that we know what this shy young man will eventually become. Things that would seem harmless, or even humorous, take on a portentous weight thanks to our foreknowledge of the youngest Bates’ destiny. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the scene where Norman Bates performs his first-ever hotel-room peeping tom routine. When Norman shoos away a raccoon out behind the hotel, and comes upon the open window of the alluring Annika Johnson, we know exactly what’s about to happen. And because the show can’t quite resist the urge to play up the obvious, it starts slathering on the mood music. You’ve been waiting two seasons, it suggests, and now here he is, in all his voyeuristic creepiness.

Except it’s only creepy to us because …

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