TV Club: Bart and Lisa’s musical friend finds a note of sweet silliness on The Simpsons

For all the griping about The Simpsons overstaying its welcome, it doesn’t take much for the show to win back viewers’ trust and affection. The characters and pieces are all in place, just waiting for the right tune to start moving in a semblance of their former hilarious harmony. For the second episode this season, credited writer Caroline Omine pitches her script with a deftness and an understanding of the Simpsons that makes an episode fairly sing. Of course, it helps that there’s some actual singing.

When Bart, bailing out before his toboggan can break through some ice, accidentally takes out the shopping cart carrying the worldly possessions of a bedraggled homeless woman, he invites her home in penance. When Lisa finds out that the woman is a talented guitar player and singer, she demands that music teacher Mr. Largo help her arrange a concert to help reveal …

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