TV Club: Barry battles a third-string metahuman-of-the-week in a subdued outing of The Flash

“Fast Lane” feels like a throwback to the first half of season one in several ways. It’s got a metahuman-of-the-week who isn’t exactly a Rogues Gallery first-stringer: he’s a call-up from Triple A at best. The focus is mostly on the old-school STAR Labs team (give or take the dimensional origin of Harrison Wells), and for the first time in quite a while, the show doesn’t feel rushed or overcrowded. The season-long conflict with the Big Bad hasn’t come to a boil yet, but it’s starting to bubble up. It’s not a great episode by any means, and many of the emotional beats are too on-the-nose to be as affecting as they could be, but it builds to the sort of momentum shift that makes you wish you could press play on the next episode immediately.

In keeping with that early Flash feeling …

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