TV Club: Banshee: “The Fire Trials”

Last year, the executives at Cinemax had to be incredibly pleased with the launch of The Knick. Between the involvement of a serious movie director in Steven Soderburgh, the involvement of a serious film actor in Clive Owen, and an overall positive critical reception that placed the show on or near several best of 2014 lists (ranked No. 25 at The A.V. Club, for instance), Cinemax finally had a show in their stable that could be considered a prestige drama. After years of being viewed as the late-night soft-core porn provider easily referred to as “Skinemax.” Cinemax could now be mentioned in the same breath as the big guns of cable drama HBO, Showtime, and AMC.

But, as The A.V. Club‘s own Noel Murray argued earlier this month, not every television show needs to be packaged as prestigious, and there’s plenty of room for “mid-reputable” TV …

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