TV Club: Banshee: “Snakes And Whatnot”

It’s a testament to the energy and spectacle delivered by Banshee that an episode like “Snakes And Whatnot” can have a botched kidnapping /knife-fight, a shootout between rival drug dealers, and a brawl at a Native American reservation bar, and still classify as a quieter installment of the series. As good as the show’s writers are at delivering chaos, their careful construction of said chaos means there’s always the awareness of the need to replenish its reserves. “The Fire Trials” clearly delineated the sides in the looming wars sure to sweep over the town of Banshee this season, and “Snakes And Whatnot” is an episode where all three sides are busy fortifying their positions.

Fittingly, the episode spends a good deal of time setting up the newest side, Colonel Douglas Stowe and the men of Fort Genoa. Hood’s identification of ex-military commandos around the base turns …

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