TV Club: Banshee: “Real Life Is The Nightmare”

From the moment that Banshee premiered, the question hanging over the series has been the same: “How long can this last?” Even as the action went to increasingly insane places and the narrative proved it had more interesting and pressing things on its mind, the audacity and implausibility of the show’s central lie never fully goes away. An ex-con lies his way into a small-town sheriff’s position, bringing both a chaotic neutral approach to law enforcement and a past that includes Ukrainian gangsters? It’s the sort of premise that seems like it’s built for either miniseries length or a series that proves weekly Roger Ebert’s theory of the Idiot Plot, i.e. something that would be solved instantly if all of the characters were not idiots.

Banshee has walked the tightrope on this event for two-plus seasons, managing to avoid answering the question with a …

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