TV Club: Banshee: “Even God Doesn’t Know What To Make Of You”

Sometimes, it’s hard to know how much of a plan Banshee has for its story and how much of it is just the result of throwing its various plots and characters together to produce maximum madcap exhilaration. Looking back over the sheer breadth of players this season—Hood’s crew, Proctor’s organization, Chayton’s Redbones, Stowe’s mercenaries, Banshee and Kinaho police, Raymond Walton Brantley, the Black Beards, the Salvadores—it’s exhausting to realize how much effort has to go into giving each of them the spotlight. There is always so much going on in any one episode of Banshee that it boggles the mind that they juggle everything as well as they do, the propulsion of the show pushing it forward to the next big set piece.

But if the show doesn’t suffer for the way it continues to leap forward, the characters certainly suffer …

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