TV Club: Banshee: “A Fixer Of Sorts”

As much as the topic of chaos comes up regularly in discussions about Banshee, that doesn’t mean that its workings are based on anarchy. Rather, the rules of the show operate by their own twisted interpretation of karma, wherein no action happens without some form of consequences and no deed good or bad goes unpunished. Whenever someone in Banshee find themselves in dire straits, it’s almost never a situation that happens randomly, it’s the repercussion of a choice that character made. Steal money? The original owner’s going to want it back. Kill someone? They have friends and family who won’t take that lying down. Assume a dead man’s identity and become sheriff of a small town? Inherit the dead man’s baggage and get caught up in the small town’s vast and fiendish criminal enterprises.

The show’s memory for its sins is …

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