TV Club: Ballers: “Move The Chains”

It had to happen eventually. Across its first two episodes Ballers only looked a bit like Entourage. The comparison was one that was based more on the potential for bro-ness rather than the actual content of the episodes. Those first two episodes are slight but charming, thirty-minute comedies that go down rather easy. With tonight’s “Move The Chains” though, Ballers serves up the first episode that truly feels like an extension of the worst parts (also known as most of the parts) of Entourage.

The pilot episode and last week’s “Raise Up” largely worked because they were low-key episodes, taking their time to establish this world of professional athletes and their problems. Both episodes largely focused on the drama, introducing intriguing storylines that dealt with identity, masculinity, and financial struggle. “Move The Chains” doesn’t really get into any of that. Instead, the episode uses Spencer and Joe …

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