TV Club: Ballers: “Machete Charge”

“Machete Charge” is Ballers at its worst. It’s indicative of the issues that have pervaded much of this first season. Here though, those issues aren’t just scattered (relatively) harmlessly throughout the episode; they make up every part of the narrative.

While “Machete Charge” boasts a lot of issues in terms of the objectification of women and just a general sense of narrative sloppiness, including contrived writing, one of its biggest problems is its lack of narrative structure. I’ve mentioned before that Ballers has been striking a precarious balance between being a drama and a comedy, and for the first time all season, that balancing act results in disaster. “Machete Charge” has an interesting concept at its core. It’s an episode that takes a broad look at how athletes can potentially ruin their careers. More specifically, it muses on how football is all these guys have, how …

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