TV Club: Ballers: “Gaslighting”

Ballers has a lot of problems, but eight episodes into its first season the biggest issue is the lack of development on almost any front. Week in and week out Spencer, Joe, Vernon, Ricky, and Charles are put into different situations that test their character, their loyalty, and their business acumen. Week in and week out, the episode ends and it feels like each character is in exactly the same place. Nothing feels important, and there’s no depth to the problems facing Spencer and the rest of the characters.

Considering everything these athletes, both former and current, are going through, their complete lack of depth is a problem. Part of the issue is that Ballers seems content to throw its characters into sitcom-like situations that should have some sort of consequences, but then shrugs them off by the next episode. For instance, Charles spends the entirety of tonight’s …

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