TV Club: Ballers: “Ends”

Since the vapid and offensive “Machete Charge,” Ballers has found some of its charm again by focusing on the toned-down, low-key drama that made its first few episodes engaging, if not exactly riveting television. The show is at its best when it balances an exploration of the struggles that are specific to athletes and the more universal struggles of everyday people. Spencer is the embodiment of both of those things, his lingering health issues courtesy of his time in the NFL continually affecting his life off the field, seeping into his relationship with Tracy and influencing how he interacts with potential and committed clients.

“Ends,” for the most part, is a good example of Ballers striking that balance. It’s not only the funniest episode of the season, in large part due to the reliably manic performances of Rob Corddry and John David Washington, but also one filled with charm …

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