TV Club: Baking Show’s charm survives the Holiday trip to ABC

The Great British Bake-Off is a national institution in its native land: even if it wasn’t currently airing on PBS stations and streaming on Netflix/Amazon (albeit as The Great British Baking Show, for copyright reasons), its cultural footprint is unavoidable as long as you have even a few casual acquaintances from Britain on your social feeds.

It’s an easy series to sink your teeth into (pun fully intended, and encouraged by the show’s sense of humor): there’s an earnest quality to the proceedings, eschewing traditional drama in favor of people doing their best, learning while they bake, and supporting one another through the length of the competition. It’s an incredibly solid format, as far as reality series go: the baking itself is the star, with an emphasis on both creativity and technical skill that is delicately balanced. It’s not surprising to see it …

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