TV Club: Babylon: “Thameside Centre”

“My kind of humor, well dark.”

Babylon has been so judicious elsewhere in its use of music—drums to underscore the action and very little else—that dropping Mazzy Star’s “Into Dust” in its final minutes feels like a very decisive move. Decisively sad, certainly; Miller vanishing into the water without a sound is meant to be a moment of emptiness, and it is. But it also feels like a very overt emotional cue from a show that has otherwise, so far, been very careful to avoid giving viewers many handholds. We know Finn is awful but has a view of the long game; Robbie’s a disaster who’s both the butt of the joke and painfully sympathetic; Sharon’s perhaps the most competent of the bunch but naturally that means we see less of her, while you can barely turn around without stepping into a cloud of …

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