TV Club: Babylon: “Maze Hill”

“Robbie, talk me through your inaction.”

It’s always great to see a series’ potential quietly snap into place, and “Maze Hill” is everything the first episode of Babylon promised. Balancing ruthless humor with mounting drama amid interlocking plots, there’s a muted energy that keeps everything sailing along on a delighted but just-unsettling-enough edge toward the disasters waiting at the bottom. And there’s no stopping them, especially the harder you try: “Maze Hill” circles around the futility of any action at all. It’s an episode of disasters mounting in parallel as everyone’s best intentions backfire, screwing themselves and everyone around them, an unfolding flower with a middle finger in the center.

The most inclusive and most tangled through-line of this begins with patrol cops Davina and Clarkey, who accidentally arrest the Deputy Mayor’s son for possession (after their hilariously awful third wheel forces their hand …

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