TV Club: Axe can’t stop, won’t stop in a wobbly Billions

“The Good Life” is Billions‘ most conflicting episode yet. It watches pleasantly enough, and for an episode mostly about Bobby putting the firm in a holding pattern, it has a surprising amount of momentum and a sense of purpose. There’s good follow-through on the seemingly inessential plot threads the first four episodes introduced. And it might be the strongest episode so far on a scene-by-scene basis. The relationships feel deeper and more natural. The smug, showy dialogue is pared way, way back—even Wags is tolerable this week, despite several references to body sushi at the strip club. But for all there is to like about “The Good Life,” it still doesn’t quite hit its mark because the central story is ultimately hollow.

The episode follows Bobby as he pretends to get out of the game, only to roar back to life and find his passion for the …

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