TV Club: Audience reactions make this week’s I’m Dying Up Here an uncomfortable experience

Just about everyone knows by now that a pitfall of any fictional work with an arts or entertainment-centric setting is revealing a character’s masterful novel, universally beloved blockbuster, or brilliant work of comedy and opening it up to judgment. I won’t go as far as to say this dangerous decision requires a sample work of actual genius; obviously, if the people behind, say, the Entourage movie actually knew exactly how to make a beloved award-winning blockbuster, they would probably just go ahead and pitch that, rather than working on Entourage. But suffice it to say that even if just snippets of an award-winning blockbuster are provided, they should probably not look like that movie’s shockingly non-satirical Hyde.

The stand-up comedy of I’m Dying Up Here should go down a little easier. These characters aren’t winning awards; they’re winning over crowds of a couple hundred …

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