TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead swallows souls with friends, family, and firearms

Nostalgia is a tricky thing, especially for Ash Vs. Evil Dead. While one might argue the best episodes of the series are those that pay homage to the franchise’s cherished past, they’d only be half right. While, yes, it’s exciting to witness echoes of Ash’s grim history, be it something obvious like the cabin in the woods or an arguable passing reference to Army Of Darkness, the real currency behind these nostalgic tokens is how they affect our blood-splattered hero today. More often than not, they toss a left hook at the guy’s stiff upper lip, and it’s those seldom bruises that make him a stronger character and, in turn, bring us a better show. After all, the gore can only stain for so long.

So far, the second season has been one drawn-out Remember When for Ash; we’re just experiencing it all …

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