TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead rots away in the fruit cellar as it closes out an epic season

If there’s one takeaway to be had from the second season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, it’s how the show has chewed on genre tropes like a family of five at a rib house in Reno, Nevada. For nine straight episodes, the Ghost Beaters have conquered the franchise’s titular darkness at abandoned factories, dark morgues, sleazy bars, demolition derbies, haunted houses, desolate mental hospitals, and, yes, creaky cabins. They‘ve fought, they’ve partied, they’ve … time traveled. It’s often been very out of this world, but that’s always been the luxury of this series, and one they’ve capitalized on with, as I stated last week, “a healthy mix of clever writing, crude gags, lovable characters, jaw-dropping physical comedy, imaginative set pieces, and simple nostalgia.” More importantly, the screwball horror and action has long felt as if its building towards something substantial—like some kind …

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