TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead returns to the cabin in the woods

Boy, do I hate being right all the time. As we predicted last week, the brave Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher is toast, and hot damn does Ash Vs. Evil Dead scorch her off in “Ashes To Ashes.” Tricked, bludgeoned, cleaved, and impaled, Fisher’s merciless death proves the infamous cabin in the woods remains one “cruel, cruel bitch,” as Ash so eloquently dubs the joint in his warning to Fisher early in the episode. “Good, so am I,” she spits back at him with a stony brand of virility that further underlines the officer’s tragic naiveté. Though, she’s not the only one out of her element: Our beloved one-handed cabineer returns to The Great Lake State’s worst vacationing spot decades older, leading a terrifying amount of would-be collateral damage.

It’s an intriguing reunion and one we’ve been waiting for all season of Ash Vs …

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