TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead gets ugly real fast in the slammer

Ash Vs. Evil Dead feels a little crowded. Despite Ivan Raimi wrapping up its main through-lines last week with “DUI”–sending both Ruby’s demon children and one chatty Necronomicon back to Hell–there’s still a number of threads left to unravel. Like, what’s going on with Pablo? How does Lacey Emery factor into things? When will we finally learn more about Ash and Linda? Will Chet ever stop drinking and driving? Does Kelly achieve true nirvana? Can Sheriff Emery go an entire season without actually pissing his pants? And last, but certainly not least, where can Ash take the Delta to bring it back to tip-top shape? To paraphrase our titular maniac, there’s been a a lot of happenin’ and not a lot of yappenin’, which is why it makes sense that the series would attempt to field a few of these questions midway through the season …

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