TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead gets lost in the bookstore

Well, that wasn’t very fun. Poor direction? Weak dialogue? A forgettable character? Say it ain’t so, Ash! After two weeks of hyping Books From Beyond, the titular episode falls flat on its ass from a Melba Toast script and an equally bland sense of direction. To be fair, we’ve been a little spoiled–“El Jefe” and “Bait” paired together like an unstoppable two-part series premiere–and every series has its ebbs and flows. The problem is that “Books From Beyond” is such a flaccid comedown from the splendid chaos that tipped off Ash Vs. Evil Dead. And naturally, the adjustment isn’t so easy.

Look, there was no way this series was ever going to maintain the adrenaline and pacing we experienced over the last two weeks–even if Sam Raimi penned and lensed each episode. At some point, every story needs to dial back, take a look around …

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