TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead drives a little too fast Beyond Thunderdome

There’s more to Ash Vs. Evil Dead than meets the eye. An entire world exists beyond what we’ve traditionally known as The Evil Dead universe, and we’re learning that with every episode this season. Already, we’ve partied down in Jacksonville, Florida, met some testy Midwesterners up in Elk Grove, Michigan, and discovered just how far the Necronomicon can go with regards to possession. That’s ultimately the power of having an expanded universe–ask any Star Wars fan who worshipped its Bantam Era–but to quote another Sam Raimi entity, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and as “DUI” proves, there must be some restraint at the typewriter.

That coveted role this week goes to longtime series co-writer and veteran Osteopathic physician Ivan Raimi, who goes H.A.M. on the action, the humor, and the world-building. Whereas Noelle Valdivia clearly drew inspiration from Stephen King with “Last …

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