TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead cleans house with puppets, patients, and Pablo

Death will always fuel Ash Vs. Evil Dead. One might argue it’s the selling point of the series, second only to witnessing Bruce Campbell’s age-defying acrobatics. Yet things are changing this season: characters are evolving, the world’s expanding, and the stakes are piling up. Although the focus has been on Ash and his ill-fated homecoming in Elk Grove, Michigan, showrunner Craig DiGregorio has done a hell of a job fleshing out his ensemble cast to serve as something more than simply friendly fodder for hungry Kandarian demons lurking nearby. You feel that every time Kelly swears up a tropical storm; Pablo hurls himself into oncoming danger; or Ruby rolls her eyes at the dizzying stupidity around her. Bottom line: They all have their own respective quirks, their own drama, their own purpose. And much like Ash, none of us wants to see them lose their souls or …

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