TV Club: As The Returned approaches a climax, “Esther” brings it all back home

“Esther” begins with the most promising five minutes of The Returned‘s second season: The story of how one of those mute women wound up in Toni and Serge’s cabin (with special guest Victor), followed by Toni setting the day’s agenda for himself and his brother. Like Toni, we recognize the young woman in the trenchcoat as Esther, who left the Lake Pub one night but never made it home. Toni and Serge are going to deliver her to that unreached destination, even though she’s completely unable to tell them where it is. The brothers are coming down from the mountains, to make up for the horrible deeds one of them did in the town below.

This isn’t their episode entirely, but Toni and Serge’s mission sets a resonant tone for the remainder of “Esther.” It’s a series of homecomings and reunions, of familial …

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