TV Club: As the finale looms, American Horror Story: Roanoke reveals its final girl

For the entire run of American Horror Story: Roanoke, I’ve pointed out its fictionalized images of real horrors visited upon black Americans, some for centuries and some more recent. And for the entire run of the installment, some readers have told me I’m imagining a significance that isn’t present in the show. In “Chapter 9,” where a police officer asks a screaming black woman if she’s witnessed “a lynch mob,” and where much of the footage comes from police body cams, if you don’t see that underlying theme, it’s because you’re determined not to see it.

“Chapter 9” is a solid episode of American Horror Story‘s most meaningful and consistent season—and by “solid,” I mean strongly told, startling, and filled with slithering entrails and smoking corpses. The police finally take reports of atrocities at the Sappony Road house seriously, but only …

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