TV Club: Arrow: “This Is Your Sword”

Wasting the solid work done by “Al Sah-him” to convince viewers Ollie wasn’t home anymore, “This Is Your Sword” quickly reestablishes its protagonist’s heroic status and in doing so, undermines the rest of the episode, turning what should have been a nailbiter into an aggravating slog. From the moment Oliver registers surprise that Maseo gave Ra’s al Ghul the Alpha-Omega virus, it’s clear everything Al Sah-him has been a front. The episode wastes little time confirming this, underlining Oliver’s motivations in an exposition-heavy conversation with Merlyn and later, having him break character with Maseo and Diggle. And there’s no reason this couldn’t have been a compelling direction to take the character, putting the audience back in Oliver’s shoes and pitting their sympathies for him against the reasonable frustrations and fears of the rest of the team. Pairing this approach with the episode …

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