TV Club: Arrow swerves the audience even as its subplots stumble

I can’t in good conscience call it a shocking twist that Adrian Chase turns out to be Prometheus instead of Vigilante. That may sound surprising—perhaps even a tad hypocritical—given my previous assumption that Vigilante’s secret identity would be Chase, his comics alter ego. And, in fairness, tonight’s episode does a brilliant job with its Chase misdirect. Before tonight, Arrow has shown us flashes of Chase’s mental instability and propensity for violence, but it avoided suggesting any real connections between Chase and either of the city’s murderous villains. That changes tonight, though, as “Fighting Fire With Fire” does all it can to tease a reveal of Chase as Vigilante. He pointedly disappears just before Vigilante attacks the limousine, and he just as pointedly shows up in the immediate aftermath, all before displaying plenty of menace as he takes the piece of Vigilante’s visor …

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