TV Club: Arrow: “Suicidal Tendencies”

With the possible exception of the show’s always operatic season finales, tonight’s “Suicidal Tendencies” might well be the most ridiculously ambitious story Arrow has ever told. It’s an episode that starts with the second wedding of Diggle and Lyla and ends with the murder of yet another Starling City mayor—seriously, that’s the third in as many seasons, which is more than enough to tilt the killing of an Arrow mayor from plot move to running gag. In between all that, we have the secret origin and the final (for now, at least) demise of Deadshot, a crazy-ass Suicide Squad mission even by the standards of crazy-ass Suicide Squad missions, the unmasking of Oliver to Ray Palmer, a pair of big showdowns between those characters in and out of costumes, and some serious progression of the Felicity-centric romantic storyline, more business with the League of Assassins …

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