TV Club: Arrow struggles to make sense of its wonkiest plotline

There’s a real fine line between recognizing nuance and just straight-up making excuses. “Code Of Silence” too often finds itself on the wrong side of that line, as it tries to sort through just what to do with Oliver’s secret son. The result is an episode that, like most Arrow episodes this season, remains a solid enough delivery mechanism for bone-crunching action and enjoyably earnest relationship melodrama. But there’s something deeply weird at the core of this episode. At best, what we’re dealing with here are the inevitable knock-on effects of one initial strange decision. At worst, what we get here could portend the implosion of what has generally been a very solid bounce-back season for the show. Because, my goodness, there are a whole bunch of ways this whole secret son plotline could end in complete disaster. And “Code Of Silence” isn’t exactly promising …

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