TV Club: Arrow reveals its main villains, and they are terrifying

Let’s be honest about this: Crowbarring Talia into this season, and into the flashbacks no less, is some deeply convoluted storytelling. To keep Arrow self-consistent, we need to assume that Ra’s al Ghul and Nyssa never once let slip anything about another daughter of the demon, and that Oliver never once thought to make a connection between any of these slightly supernatural, definitely expert warriors. Indeed, if I’m remembering my wider DC history correctly, there’s a good chance Talia was only ever held back in favor of Nyssa because the character was still off-limits after her appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, so this season represents the tardy debut of the “real” al Ghul daughter. (Not to take away anything from Nyssa, who also has a comics background and is portrayed brilliantly by Katrina Law, but Talia is the iconic character.) It would be one thing …

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