TV Club: Arrow: “My Name Is Oliver Queen”

Arrow has struggled throughout season three, making bold moves and all too frequently backing away from, rather than embracing, the ramifications of these series-altering decisions. “My Name Is Oliver Queen” continues this trend, ending the season with the same dramatic reveals and convenient resolutions that spurred the season’s most thrilling and frustrating moments. The energy and momentum of the finale compensate for many of its weaknesses and the episode is ultimately an entertaining one, but the experience is hollow, a far cry from the powerful and satisfying end of season two.

Rather than pick up immediately after the previous episode’s not-really-a-cliffhanger, “My Name Is Oliver Queen” opens with Oliver and Ra’s, who are on their way to destroy Starling City. The finale wastes little time reestablishing their animosity, with Oliver outing himself to Ra’s to save Nyssa, and while this is a relief, it undercuts the …

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