TV Club: Arrow: “Left Behind”

Let’s not kid ourselves: There was no way that Oliver Queen was actually dead. Actually, let me rephrase that. Given Arrow‘s (not to mention The Flash‘s) willingness to incorporate ever more fantastical elements, it is absolutely possible that Oliver really was dead for a while there. But there was never any real chance that Oliver was going to stay dead, as to write out the show’s title character—not to mention remove Stephen Amell, who has grown into the pitch-perfect lead for this ensemble—would represent maybe the single most absurdly gutsy (and gutsily absurd) move in television history. Oliver’s return was inevitable, and that more or less meant that Arrow needed to bring him back by the conclusion of tonight’s episode, because to pretend to leave that point in doubt would be counterproductive. But then again, it was only with that first flashback …

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