TV Club: Arrow is great once more, with a little help from his friends

Whatever concerns I might have had about Arrow‘s ability to stick the landing after “Kapiushon” is now gone in the wake of tonight’s episode. Last week’s review suggested a reason we had never really seen Oliver’s most monstrous aspects during his time in Star City is that he had John Diggle and all his subsequent allies to pull him back from the brink. And right on cue, tonight’s episode is about Diggle refusing to let Oliver lay down after his ordeal—or, worse, take an action for which there can be no forgiveness, like calling out a Bratva hit on Adrian Chase. David Ramsey is only occasionally asked to play something more complex than the team’s sardonic steadying presence, and he turns in a series-best performance here, bristling with intensity as he tells Oliver they aren’t done and will never be done. Crucially …

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