TV Club: Arrow goes to its dark place, but a flicker of hope remains

At various points tonight, I was convinced I was watching either the best or the worst episode in Arrow history. If absolutely nothing else, that’s proof of audacity, as a show doesn’t flirt with such dizzying heights or such self-destructive lows by playing it safe. “Kapiushon” ends up somewhere between those two extremes, though I would place it closer to all-time best than all-time worst. Prometheus’ efforts to extract the confession from Oliver take Arrow into the darkest territory we have witnessed, yet even Adrian Chase’s (or Simon Morrison’s, or whatever we’re calling him) most brutal schemes can’t compete with what Oliver gets up to in Russia. His torture and murder of one of Kovar’s henchman finds Oliver on the verge of going full Dexter, which is never a good thing to be on the verge of going. The ultimate success of tonight …

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