TV Club: Arrow gets political in the wake of a mass shooting

And, seemingly out of nowhere, Arrow gets political. Oliver has been in the mayor’s office for nearly a year, yet “Spectre Of The Gun” is the first episode to use that position to place Team Arrow right in the middle of a hot-button debate. In doing so, the show at last embraces the biggest missing piece of Green Arrow‘s comic book legacy, at least the one that doesn’t require Stephen Amell to grow a goatee he’s reportedly sworn off ever getting. Portrayals always vary, but the canonical Oliver Queen of the comics is an outspoken lefty agitator of the first order, and for the show to present this Mayor Queen as an essentially apolitical, well-meaning public servant is to miss the whole point of why the Green Arrow bothered to become mayor of Star City in the first place. Tonight’s episode addresses that previous elision …

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