TV Club: Arrow asks us to trust it, with increasingly good reason

Few Arrow episodes are driven quite so unapologetically by the past as tonight’s “A Matter Of Trust” is. It’s not just the show’s past that the episode seizes on, though what there is of continuity generally crops up in the more dramatic storylines. Elsewhere, though, we get a ton of references to things that have nothing to do with the world of Arrow. Former WWE superstar and current indie wrestling sensation Cody Rhodes shows up as the episode’s featured villain, finally returning the favor after Stephen Amell got wrapped up in an in-ring feud with him that culminated at last year’s SummerSlam. We get wrestling references both oblique—Rhodes’ Derek Sampson is a Stardust dealer, in homage to his former WWE persona—and more obvious, as Terry Sloane, DC Comics’ original Mister Terrific, is reimagined as Curtis’ favorite wrestler. Hell, even the climactic fight between …

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