TV Club: Arrow: “Al Sah-him”

What, precisely, is Ra’s al Ghul’s deal? Like, what does the League of Assassins do on days when it’s not dealing with succession-related matters? During his on-screen tenure on Arrow, Ra’s al Ghul hasn’t really done anything that doesn’t somehow relate back to the inner workings of the League, first dealing with the traitor Malcolm Merlyn, then killing Oliver to settle Merlyn’s unpaid debt, then installing the revived Oliver as the heir to the demon, and then having his newly chosen successor hunting down his own daughter Nyssa so as to remove any question as to who is next line. Even tonight’s big closing twist, as Ra’s al Ghul tells Oliver he will use the toxin from his Hong Kong days to destroy Starling City, isn’t so much about some larger ideology as it is affirming Oliver’s commitment to …

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