TV Club: Are we tiring of This Is Us’ gasp-worthy reveals?

Oh goddamn you, This Is Us.

This is why this show is so fucking addictive. I spend the entire episode thinking, “Wow, it’s so nice that a show that is known for thrashing on our heartstrings actually has an emotionally complex entry, while still working in the confines of a genre — the Christmas episode — that is known for playing the exact same bullshit tricks as the show.”

And then they go and give Toby a heart attack.

So let’s start with the pre-emotional explosion. I approached the Christmas episode of This Is Us with some trepidation, as I said above, because Christmas episodes are at their core treacly and saccharine, more so than the decidedly secular Thanksgiving episodes, which are themed around unity minus the messy religious connotations and outsized expectations of grandeur. Christmas episodes should be where This Is Us‘ worst habits come out but, save for …

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