TV Club: Archer: “Three To Tango”

The one thing I was afraid of when Archer decided to go back to spying was that it would go back to basics. Yes, cartoons don’t necessarily have to make its characters progress to become successful, but Archer has made several creative decisions along the way that led it down a more serialized, consistently evolving road. There was all the drama over Archer’s father, Katja, Malory marrying Ron, the wee baby Seamus, the new baby AJ, and all the chaos of Archer Vice. All these stories had lasting repercussions that have been felt throughout the series; all these stories made Archer a more dynamic show. Last week’s premiere gave me hope that the show was still keeping an eye on higher stakes and different kinds of arcs that would keep the show fresh, but with this week’s “Three To Tango,” I’m not so sure anymore …

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