TV Club: Archer: “The Archer Sanction”

There’s a big part of me that wishes “The Archer Sanction” was the second episode of this season. It’s not an instant classic, but it has so much of what I wanted from a follow-up to the reset. There’s a spy mission that speeds along thanks to a hilarious group dynamic. There’s a disastrous birthday party back at the office that sends the drones down a drunk and disorderly path. The episode also manages to keep baby AJ in the picture without actually having her in the literal picture, as Lana spends half the spy mission trying to get a hold of Malory. While Grandmother Malory herself spends most of her time offscreen, she more than makes up for it by getting revenge on Archer for all those damn fake voicemails. (I didn’t know I needed it until this episode, but it became clear very …

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