TV Club: Archer: “Edie’s Wedding”

At some point during this episode, I had to pause and make sure I wasn’t having an elaborate, beautiful fever dream. “Edie’s Wedding” hits all my Archer sweet spots. It has Pam and Archer on a mission (of sorts), alternately supporting and abusing each other. It has some semblance of an origin story as they travel to Pam’s Wisconsin hometown, meet her nasty sister Edie (Fargo‘s Allison Tolman), and visit the grain elevator where Pam maybe didn’t give her high school crush Arn a blowjob. Then, in the twist that brings this episode from good to great, it has the return of Barry and Other Barry—but more on them later.

First, let’s talk about the Pooveys. The idea of Tolman as Pam’s sister apparently came about after five too many drinks with producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson, but her brilliant performance …

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