TV Club: Archer: “Drastic Voyage: Pt. II”

Give or take a laser backpack, it’s been a long time since Archer was the slick James Bond spoof it once was. Sterling Malory Archer began the series as an aggressively callous womanizer who rejected any semblance of feelings for a stiff drink and/or dick joke. Now he’s a father, a more committed boyfriend than anyone thought possible, and even a decent friend. Archer hasn’t changed completely—he was and is still the most reckless person in any room—but there is a weight about his jokes and decisions that there just wasn’t before. In a stunning twist, Archer might have actually become the most empathetic member of the cast. As he gained something resembling those real feelings he so hates, his co-workers slash friends slash Cyril fell further and further down the rabbit hole of total depravity. The increasingly diabolical Krieger, demented Cheryl, and …

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