TV Club: Aquarius: “Old Ego Is A Too Much Thing”

A few months back, when I gave up Aquarius reviews after the fifth of these dozen episodes, I made a half-hearted promise that I would come back and review the finale. So in case anyone was wondering whether I stick to my half-hearted promises, I binge-watched the rest of the season and tuned it tonight for the finale, so we can all see David Duchovny go down together.

Even though I watched those six-odd episodes in the middle, nothing much stands out, except for Manson’s prankish tendency to dose people for his own purposes. Tripping Hodiak was probably this weak first season’s best episode (and yet, already renewed for season two!); Manson dosing his mother so that his friends could gang rape her an extreme low point, even for a show like this one that features no shortage of horrific scenes for women. Ken’s killing of that …

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